Meet Alicia- the creative director behind Magic Mood Art. As a young child, Alicia always had a strong connection to and love for her culture. Being one that shows her feelings best in writing greeting cards have always been a way to show her appreciation for loved ones, and she admires the art and joy that tags along with such an expressive gift. It is extremely important for Alicia to continue celebrating her culture and family traditions. She feels fulfilled being able to continue doing so with others through Magic Mood Art.

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A Vision with a Mission

Welcome, we are Magic Mood Art! We are so excited to finally share our cards with everyone. We worked on the concept and vision since 2014 and finally made it a reality. We hope that through our cards we can spread positivity. Being able to change someone's mood is truly magical! We hope you're as excited as we are to share our cards with a loved one. We strive to celebrate culture and intend to bring positive, uplifting vibes into our customers’ lives. 

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